Released 2/26/2010

PITKIN COUNTY REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS – These statistics are provided by Land Title Guarantee Company. Land Title does not claim to be market experts, strictly purveyors of public record. The attached information is compiled from county records, not MLS data. It is for ALL Pitkin County recorded transactions for Jan 2010. Land Title encourages the reader to evaluate and interpret this information to formulate their own conclusions. **** New for 2010 – on page 4 of the PDF, Land Title has included a summary of sales showing a bank as the grantor. This is in red print at the top of the page****

For Aspen, Woody Creek and Snowmass Village residential real estate sales activity exclusively – this includes single family homes, condos, townhomes, duplexes, NOT fractional sales – see quarterly and annual The Estin Reports within this Aspen Real Estate Archives section of the website. The most recent Estin Reports are Aspen Snowmass: State of the Market: 4th Quarter 2009, Year 2009 and 2004 – 2009 Annual Comparisons

Summary for the month of January 2010 – Please see supporting statistics in pdf format

• Total dollar volume $55,349,360, a decrease of 52% from January 2009’s total of $115,936,999
• Total transactions 49, a decrease of 37% from January 2009’s total of 78
o Please note that January 2009 included 41 sales at the Residences at the Little Nell which totaled $64 million in dollar volume
• Aspen led the county with 20 transactions, followed by Snowmass with 10, there were 10 interval sales, Woody Creek reported 4, Carbondale 2, and Basalt and Redstone each had 1. There was also 1 quit claim deed with a doc fee recorded, which rounds out the total of 49 transactions.
• Aspen also led in dollar volume with $29 million, Snowmass followed with $10 million, Intervals totaled $5.7 million, Woody Creek totaled $5.7 million, Carbondale $1.1 million, and Redstone $585,000. The remaining $3.1 million was a quit claim transfer.
• Interval sales and the Woody Creek area both reported increases in transactions and dollar volume over December 2009
• Snowmass reported an increase in dollar volume, but a decrease in transactions
• The average single family home sold price for January totaled $2.2 million, this is a decrease of 55% from the full year 2009 total of $4.9 million
• The median single family home sold price for January totaled $2.1 million, this is a decrease of 33% from the full year 2009 total of $3.2 million
o Please keep in mind that this is comparing 9 single family sales thus far in 2010 to full year 2009
o Please refer to page 5 of the PDF for additional detail by area
• Interval dollar volume for January totaled $5.7 million, a decrease of 91% from January 2009
• Interval transactions for January totaled 10, a decrease of 79% from January 2009
o Again, most of the dollar volume in January 2009 was attributed to the Residences at the Little Nell sales
• The 10 interval transactions were as follows: Ritz Carlton – 4, Little Nell – 3, Hyatt, Dancing Bear, and Sanctuary each reported 1
• Per page 4, there were 2 sales in Pitkin County that listed a bank as the grantor – 1 in Aspen Zone 1, and 1 Interval unit

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