released by Land Title 08/26/10

See July 2010 Pitkin County Market Analysis by Land Title which includes real estate sale statistics for ALL Pitkin County recorded transactions including fractionals, mobile homes, deed restricted properties, etc. encompassing Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek, Old Snowmass, and parts of Basalt, El Jebel and Carbondale, Colorado.

See The Estin Report: 2nd Quarter 2010 Aspen Snowmass Residential for the upper Roaring Fork Valley which exclusively includes single family, townhome, duplex and condo sales over $250,000 in Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek. It does not include fractionals. ((released July 2, 2010)

Pitkin County Real Estate Transfers
Summary for the month of July 2010 (Courtesy of Land Title)

• $74,155,436 – total dollar volume for the month, decrease of 41% from July 2009
• 41 – total transactions for the month, decrease of 4.6% from July 2009
• Year to date dollar volume, $647,972,192 – an increase of 8.3% from the same time period in 2009
• Year to date transactions, 385 – an increase of 2.9% from the same time period 2009
• Fractional dollar volume totaled $5.97 million, a decrease of 43% from July 2009
• Fractional transactions totaled 12, a decrease of 33% from July 2009
o Hyatt -4, Residences at Little Nell – 3, Roaring Fork Club Suites – 2, Ritz Carlton, Roaring Fork Club, and Sanctuary each reported 1
• Year to date fractional dollar volume totals $58.2 million, a decrease of 61% from same time period 2009
• Year to date fractional transactions total 101, a decrease of 44% from the same time period 2009
• Aspen led the county with 17 transactions and $54.36 million, Interval Units totaled 12 with $5.97 million, Snowmass Village totaled 7 and $11.4 million, Basalt reported 3 and $996,584, Old Snowmass and Redstone each reported 1 transaction with $1.2 million and $190,000, respectively
• There were 2 sales in the county that were bank owned sales, totaling $2.78 million – this represents 3.74% of the dollar volume and approximately 5% of the transactions
o 1 in Snowmass and 1 in Old Snowmass
• There have been 6 banks sales year to date, totaling $8.4 million – representing 1.3% of the dollar volume and 1.6% of the transactions
• Through July the average single family sold price for the county totals $4.478 million, a decrease of 9% from full year 2009
• Through July, the median single family sold price for the county totals $4.15 million, an increase of 32% from full year 2009
o See page 4 for more detail by area and property type within the county