As of Nov. 19, 387 civil actions had been filed in the court this year. The court is on track to top the 408 it handled in 2009 and long ago surpassed the 227 cases filed in 2008, when the recession started. In 2007, before the national economic downturn began to take hold, less than 200 district civil cases were filed in Pitkin County

ASPEN PITKIN COUNTY REAL ESTATE – The number of civil lawsuits filed in the Pitkin County Courthouse has skyrocketed since the onset of the recession and the crash of the real estate market, putting 2010 on track to be the most litigious year in the Aspen area’s recorded history. Before the Thanksgiving holiday, the district court was on track to more than double the number of civil cases it handled in 2010 over 2007, while home foreclosure related lawsuits have increased more than four-fold. “We are seeing more civil cases than we ever have,” said clerk of court Carolyn Jemison.The most marked uptick is in foreclosure proceedings and requests by lenders for hearings that require public auctions on defaulted properties.
By Andrew Travers, Nov. 29, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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