July 2011 report for Pitkin County real estate transactions released Sept. 2, 2011. This includes property transfers for Aspen, Snowmass Village, Woody Creek, Old Snowmass and parts of Basalt and Carbondale, CO

Also see: The Estin Report: 1st Half 2011 State of the Aspen Real Estate Market (released 07/14/11 includes Aspen, Snowmass Village and Woody Creek only – the upper Roaring Fork Valley)

2011 July Pitkin County Real Estate Market Report By Land Title

(See attached charts for the July Pitkin County Market Analysis)

• $39,375,261 – total dollar volume or the month, a decrease of 47% from same time period 2010
• 43 – total transactions, an increase of 5% from same time period 2010
• $748,946,473 – total dollar volume through July, an increase of 15.6% from same time period 2010
• 432 – total transactions through July, an increase of 12.2% from same time period 2010
• Transaction breadkdown for July; Aspen 21, Interval units 11, Snowmass Village 7, Woody Creek 2, Basalt 1, and 1 quit claim transfer with a doc fee
• Dollar volume breakdown for July; Aspen $22.9 million, Snowmass Village $7.4 million, Interval Units $5.3 million, Woody Creek $3.2 million, Basalt $627,500, and the quit claim transfers totaled $5,200
• July transaction totals included 4 sales where a bank was the grantor, totaling $3.5 million in dollar volume. This accounts for approximately 9% of both transaction and dollar volume for the month
• Through July, there have been 40 sales in Pitkin County with the grantor as a bank. Dollar volume on these totals $27.1 million. This accounts for 9.3% of the transactions and 3.6% of the dollar volume.
• The average price of the bank owned sales through July (all property types, all areas) is $678,076
• July fractional dollar volume totaled $5.3 million, a decrease of 11% from July 2010
• July fractional transactions totaled 11, a decrease of 8% from July 2010
• Hyatt Grand Aspen, Residences at Little Nell, and Roaring Fork Club each with 3 transactions, Ritz Carlton, St. Regis, Sanctuary, Shadow Mountain Lodge, and Residences at Snowmass Club each had 1
• Through July, fractional dollars total approximately $61 million, an increase of 5% from same time period 2010
• Through July, fractional transactions total 134, which is an increase of 33% from same time period 2010