Welcome to home interrupted, Leslie Williams said, opening the door to what appeared to be just the opposite: a bright TriBeCa loft with near-lapidary finishes.It was the kind of place many New Yorkers dream about, the sort of impossibly beautiful apartment movie directors cast as home for “arty” characters who would more likely be living in a cold-water collective in Bushwick in the real world. For a time, it was Ms. Williams’s dream home. She and her husband, both of whom are in television production, moved in two days before Christmas in 2007 after a renovation, at the time not yet complete, that had already taken about a year.Two weeks later, Ms. Williams’s husband moved out. He was done, he told his wife, with the renovation, and the marriage.This tale begins with Ms. Williams, alone, to finish the apartment by herself, gussying it up for sale so it could be someone else’s dream home. And as universal as Ms. Williams’s experience may be — Harriet N. Cohen, a Manhattan matrimonial lawyer, calls it “the renovation divorce” — its resolution is unique.
By Penelope Green, Nov 5, 2009 NYT

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