ASPEN — The swimming pool is empty. The game room silent. And the only kids at the Silver Lining Ranch smile from hundreds of photographs posted on the walls.For seven years, thousands of children suffering with cancer came to this ranch to enjoy Aspen’s mountain ambience in a swank facility owned by former child tennis prodigy Andrea Jaeger. Now, any silver lining for those cancer patients is clouded in a nasty land-use controversy.A handful of Aspen’s uber-wealthy are blocking a real estate deal that would enable Jaeger to continue her altruistic work. Jaeger had contracted to sell the 6.5-acre piece of prime real estate to Aspen’s Chabad Jewish Community Center. The city-sanctioned deal would have brought $13.5 million to Jaeger’s cash-strapped Little Star Foundation. The money would have funded an endowment to pay for scholarships, medications and other aid for young cancer sufferers and would have allowed Jaeger to still use the ranch for camps a few weeks every year.
By Nancy Lofholm, August 23, 2009, Denver Post


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