Aspen City Council receptive, but mayor wants to know why old building can’t be saved…The aging building, built in 1965 by the late Bert Bidwell,
has become functionally obsolete, according to the applicants, but Ireland pressed for an explanation as to why the existing structure can’t be gutted and remodeled, and its sunken front courtyard eliminated, as is proposed with the new building.

DOWNTOWN ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Proposed changes in the plan for redeveloping a high-profile downtown Aspen building won general support Monday from the Aspen City Council, but Mayor Mick Ireland called on developers to explain why the existing building can’t be significantly remodeled rather than razed.At present, the owners of the building, three siblings in the Bidwell family, have proposed demolishing the Mountain Plaza building, also known as the Bidwell Building, and constructing a new, three-story, mixed-use structure to replace the distinctive two-story building that currently sits on the corner of Galena and Cooper.The proposed new building, and the impacts of construction on a prominent corner in the heart of the commercial core, have generated a slew of e-mails to the city that are mostly critical of the project.
By Janet Urquhart, April 27, 2010 Aspen Times

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