Residents speak out on size of structure, preservation of Annie’s…The developer previously planned a single, 7,500-square-foot, free-market penthouse for the top of the new building. That proposal has changed, and he’s now seeking two units that would total 8,950 square feet of floor area: one at 6,950 square feet and another unit on the second floor at 2,000 square feet.

DOWNTOWN ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Opinions were not in short supply Monday night during an Aspen City Council public hearing on the controversial development proposal involving the Little Annie’s and Benton buildings on East Hyman Avenue and the potential construction of a three-story building on a nearby empty lot…The owner-developer, Aspen Core Ventures LLC, is seeking concessions from the city on plans for the new mixed-use building in exchange for preserving the Little Annie’s and Benton buildings, which the Aspen Historic Preservation Commission designated as historically significant in December after saying earlier that the Little Annie’s building could be demolished. An initial plan last fall sought the demolition of both structures, sparking a public outcry.
By Andre Salvail, February, 14 2012 AT

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Proposed building for the downtown Aspen corner of E. Hyman/Hunter Streets, the site of a 30-car parking lot for the past 30+ years.