There are varying viewpoints on Aspen City Council regarding whether and how new third-story development should be allowed in downtown Aspen.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Aspen City Council plans to spend around four months working on downtown development rules that might reopen the door to three-story buildings. On April 2, council voted 3-1 to cap downtown height limits at 28 feet, a move that had been discussed since January. The old rules allowed heights of up to 42 feet in the commercial core zone district and 40 feet in the outlying C-1 district. The move sparked a flurry of applications from developers seeking to get projects reviewed under the less-restrictive rules. The last day to submit projects under the old code is Tuesday. On May 21, in a work session, council will attempt to find some consensus on what further changes to the land-use code should look like. Aspen long range planner Jessica Garrow said she hopes to have new code language drafted and ready for council consideration by mid-August.
By Curtis Wackerle, April 27 ,12 ADN

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Photo: ADN Like most blocks in Aspen, rooflines on the Hyman Avenue mall are varied. In the next three to four months, City Council will consider land use code changes that could allow new buildings to again be three stories tall, after the board voted this month to cap heights at 28 feet.