The building department has devised a new reporting system that will be updated every month, which show consolidated statistics like average building permit values, maximum and minimum values, and total year-to-date permit values. The report also details the total number of permits issued, the number of inspections and the number of active construction sites in the city.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Statistics from the city of Aspen’s building department show downward trends in everything from the total number and value of building permits to how many inspections department officials have conducted….There is drastic reduction in the amount of money fueling the local construction economy:

  • So far this year through the end of March, the total value of all permits in Aspen is $6.6 million, well off last year’s pace — 2009 ended with a total permit valuation of $101 million. Total permit values peaked in 2007 at $365 million…
  • In 2007, at the peak of the construction and real estate boom — some describe it as a bubble — the average building permit value in Aspen was $800,000. That number has since slid downward: $469,000 in 2008, $375,000 in 2009 and only $166,698 in 2010, through March 31…

Stephen Kanipe, Aspen’s chief building official, said the smaller permit values reflect “less intense, less involved and more modest” projects. Instead of a West End scrape-and-replace project, building officials are seeing more kitchen and bath remodels.

By Curtis Wackerle, April 20, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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