Developer says it will sell second lot for $5.5 million…the developer is seeking numerous concessions from the city including the granting of three transferable development rights (TDRs) on each residential lot, authorization to build duplexes on each lot instead of single-family homes, and the waiver of hundreds of thousands of dollars in development fees. The developer also is asking for waivers of design reviews and Hallam Lake Bluff setbacks, and wants to remove dozens of trees on the property

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Plans by a developer hoping to purchase the Given Institute property in Aspen’s West End from the University of Colorado and transform most of it into high-end residential lots got a lukewarm reception from the Aspen City Council on Monday.The four councilmen and Mayor Mick Ireland told representatives of SC Acquisitions LLC that the proposal still doesn’t go far enough in preserving the Given Institute building and other sections of the 2.25-acre property for future use by the community or a nonprofit group, despite a few new concessions from the would-be developer.Still, the dialogue was more positive than discussions during last Wednesday’s joint meeting of Aspen’s Planning and Zoning and Historic Preservation commissions. Both entities roundly criticized the project and recommended that the council deny the application to redevelop the property unless profound changes are made.
By Andre Salvail, Jan 25, 2011 Aspen Times

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