The Aspen City Council is to begin discussion on changes to the downtown noise ordinances in a work session Tuesday night. The debate comes about as a result of a downtown penthouse owner who called the police 23 times between Dec 2013 and Sept. 2014 to complain about violations of the City noise ordinance by the Aspen Brewing Co. who were exceeding the allowable decible level. Before 9PM, the allowable decibal level is 65 decibels, after 9PM it is 60 decibels. In a memo to the Council, the City staff wrote that a more flexible noise ordinance could be to the detriment of residential property owners who want to enjoy “their property in a peaceful and quiet manner” but it would allow for more live music downtown.

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Results of Council’s Apr 22, 14 Meeting

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The Ute City Building, on the former site of La Cocina Restaurant, at 308 E. Hopkins. The penthouse condos sit above the former Ute City Restaurant on the street level and Bootsy Bellows nightclub located in the underground space of the building. Aspen Brewery Co is located on the west (left) side and adjacent to the building. This is Hopkins Avenue block referred to as “Aspen’s Restaurant Row”.