ASPEN REAL ESTATE — An Aspen doctor placed his North 40 home on the market last weekend for $1.45 million after he was ordered by the Aspen-Pitkin County Housing Authority to try to sell it.Dr. Kenton Bruice and his wife Donna placed a yellow “For Sale” sign in front of their residence. The telephone number on the sign is Donna’s. The Bruices are trying to sell the home themselves rather than pay a commission to a real estate agent, Donna Bruice said.The housing authority board of directors ordered Dr. Bruice to list the North 40 house after it determined in a hearing that he doesn’t spend enough time in Aspen to meet residency requirements for deed restricted housing. North 40 homes must be resident-occupied, meaning that owners must live in Aspen at least 275 days per year and meet requirements for the amount of time worked. Bruice contended he met the qualification, despite practicing some of the time in Denver. The housing authority board found he violated the residency requirement and voted 3-1 on April 21 to make him try to sell.
By Scott Condon, May 5, 2010 Aspen Times

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