Neighbors of an expanding downtown Aspen condo building who are upset over losing their views have withdrawn a lawsuit they filed in an attempt to stop the project.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Nancy and Richard Rogers and 803DKS LLC alleged in a complaint filed in May that their quality of life and enjoyment of their property was being ruined by the expansion underway on the corner of Cooper Avenue and Original Street, taking the Original Street Condos from two to three stories. Rogers and 803DKS are Texas-based homeowners who own property across the alley from 802 E. Cooper Ave. However, the plaintiffs filed a motion for “voluntary dismissal” last week that was approved by a district court judge…The lawsuit also alleged that the Original Street Condominiums homeowners association president Kim Raymond and Mona Long, the owner of the unit that is expanding by one floor, went around the objections of the rest of the HOA to approve the construction. However, that claim was never substantiated and has been called into question.
By Curtis Wackerle, July 5, 2011 ADN

Link to article and see May 12, 11 ADN story

Original Street Condominiums at corner of E. Cooper and Original Streets.