On a recent afternoon, an urban ski bunny wearing a fox-fur hat so large that, if seen from above, would obscure her entire torso, was spotted walking into the shoe department at Barneys on Fifth Avenue. Many of the shoppers looked up and marveled. Some approached with compliments and asked where she found it. “Bergdorf!” replied the woman, June Ambrose, 39, a celebrity stylist, who said she had worn it in Aspen recently and that Mariah Carey had insisted on trying it on. “I like that it sort of creates this obnoxious moment,” Ms. Ambrose said. “It’s like if the look is mute, this gives it a bit of a voice in the concrete jungle. And you can wear it with a bikini and it will work.”

Bergdorf Goodman has built a special shop for Moncler to keep up with the demand. “Just as there have been trends in utility dressing, there’s also this wish to get away to the land of cabins and virgin snow without actually doing so,” said Linda Fargo, the store’s women’s fashion director. “It’s cozy but also cool.” Leggings, the basic that women pair with long sweaters, vests and shearling wedge boots, now have their own department on the Web sites of Bergdorf and Saks Fifth Avenue. “There’s something sexy about that proportion of puffy and big on top and then a super-skinny tight jean and an oversize boot or a huge hat,” Ms. Fargo said. “With Rag & Bone and D & G doing it, it’s more runway-inspired,” said Sari Sloane, fashion director of Intermix. “It’s less in a Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors way, and more in a younger, edgier way. D & G is very interesting because they paired their Fair Isle look with these girlie chiffon dresses. Then you get into accessories with the fur vests and utilitarian hiking boots that are sexy and feminine. That really completes that whole look, like you should be up on a ski slope in Aspen.”
By Irina Aleksander, Dec. 15, 2010 NYT

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12/15/10 NYT