The 23-acre site along Castle Creek, south of Aspen, was given to the Aspen Music Festival and School by the late Robert O. Anderson in 1964. Aspen Country Day School began leasing it immediately after the founding of the private day school in 1969. The arrangement proved beneficial to both organizations, with Country Day taking over the facilities each September, after the summer music festival had ended. Sharing the campus, rather than developing two separate campuses for each institution, provides for the greatest efficiency and least environmental impact, the two schools noted in a statement

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The Aspen Music Festival and School and Aspen Country Day School have reached an agreement to develop and permanently share the Castle Creek campus where both have offered classes to their respective students for decades.The two organizations will share in the cost of what’s estimated as a $60 million redevelopment, raising funds in separate campaigns, they announced jointly on Tuesday.The agreement provides for construction of more than 10 new buildings in three phases, starting in August with a new Lower School building for Country Day (it will function as studios and classrooms for the music school) and two rehearsal halls for music students (learning centers for the arts for Country Day). A historic building on the campus will be renovated and restored for use as a student center for musicians in the summer.
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Aspen Country Day New Campus Video Tour

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