The Boomerang Lodge is back in the development pipeline this week seeking an amendment to vested rights set to expire in 2015. Plans to develop the old Boomerang site were approved in 2006 with 54 total units broken down into 47 lodging units, 5 free market units and 2 affordable hosing unts. The Great Recession halted construction in 2007/2008 and now developers are seeking approval for a change to 48 lodge units of which 16 would be free market residential plus 5 affordable housing units. The remaining 27 units would offer economy priced lodging, a rare and politically favorable proposition. The timing of the application coincides with the City of Aspen’s writing of a lodge incentive program designed to upgrade and expand the resort’s lodging bed base.

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The aborted Boomerang Lodge re-development site at 500 W. Hopkins has sat like this since 2006.