Revenue would offset potential cuts from statewide measures: There is a strong anti-tax sentiment in Colorado this year. There are three statewide ballot questions that, if passed, would reduce vehicle registration fees (Proposition 101), cut property tax revenue to schools nearly in half (Amendment 60), and limit the amount of time that school districts and other governments can borrow money through bonding (Amendment 61).

The Aspen School District board is considering asking local voters to approve a $1 million annual property tax increase to make up for this year’s state-mandated budget cuts, and to help offset large potential reductions in property tax revenue, fees and state funding.The board met last week and agreed to direct the district’s finance director and bond counsel to begin crunching numbers, preparing a local survey, and drafting ballot language….Board members discussed the pros and cons of putting a ballot question in front of voters this year instead of next year. On the plus side was the thought that the mid-term elections would attract more voters. And then there are the loyal local voters, who have not rejected an Aspen School District revenue proposal since the 1980s when they voted against a new elementary school.
Voters approved the new school when asked a second time.
By Brent Gardner-Smith, July 19, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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