Nevertheless, Roaring Fork basin snowpack only 74 percent of average

ASPEN — If it felt like the snow never stopped in April it wasn’t just your imagination.Aspen appears to have set a record with 36.35 inches of snow for April, barely eclipsing the old mark of 36 inches for the month in 1970, according to Charlie Bailey, water treatment supervisor with the Aspen Water Department.The department tracks Aspen’s precipitation for the National Weather Service. The report hasn’t been filed for April yet, so the numbers are unofficial, Bailey said.The city has snowfall data dating back to the winter of 1934-35. April snowfall has exceeded 3 feet only a handful of times in 75 years. The average for the month is 15.42 inches.
By Scott Condon, May 5, 2010 Aspen Times

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