In the poll, 41 percent of boomers said they are expecting to have to scale back their lifestyle in some way in retirement and 31 percent believe they will struggle financially … In all, 62 percent of the boomers polled lost money on at least one of four core parts of retirement savings: A workplace retirement savings plan, 42 percent; Personal investments outside of an IRA/workplace savings, 41 percent; An IRA (individual retirement account), 32 percent; Real estate, 29 percent.

WASHINGTON — A majority of baby boomers say they have taken a financial hit in the past three years and most now doubt that they will be financially secure after they retire, according to a new poll. So much for kicking back at the lake house, long afternoons of golf or pretty much anything this generation had dreamed about in retirement. The Associated poll found a baby boom generation planning to work into retirement years — with 73 percent planning to work past retirement, up from 67 percent this spring. In all, 53 percent of boomers polled said they do not feel confident they’ll be able to afford a comfortable retirement. That’s up from 44 percent who were concerned about retirement finances in March.
By Jennifer Kerr, Nov 10, 2011, AP

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