Relocation [of an estimated 75 residents of the park] is a priority for the town because numerous studies have identified a portion of the mobile home park as being at risk from a major flood. Mayor Leroy Duroux said at least 12 homes are in the flood way, an area at the highest risk of flooding.

ASPEN BASALT REAL ESTATE — The Basalt town government on Friday took a big step toward achieving a major goal of removing a trailer park from the Roaring Fork River, restoring the floodplain to a natural condition and finding replacement housing for the residents. The town and the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. (RFCDC) teamed to buy the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park for $3.25 million. RFCDC bought the entire 5.3 acres. The town then used $1.2 million in open space funds to acquire 2.9 acres from the nonprofit organization…The mobile home park is in the heart of Basalt, although it’s not officially in the town limits: It’s in Pitkin and Eagle counties. The park is between Two Rivers Road and the river, bounded by the Midland Avenue bridge and the Taqueria el Nopal restaurant. The town will convert its portion of the property into a riverside park. RFCDC will eventually redevelop its 2.4 acres as a nonprofit campus and a mixture of residential and commercial development.
By Scott Condon, August 15, 2011 AT

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