Basalt and a nonprofit partner aim to buy trailer park create nonprofit campus, replacement housing and river park that would go in the heart of town…Across the river from the eastern portion of the Pan and Fork is additional town-owned open space and the new Basalt library. The purchase of the Pan and Fork gives the community the ability to devote the heart of its river corridor to open space and sites for public and nonprofit institutions, said Bill Kane, the Town of Basalt Manager.“This is the pivotal land parcel in the town,” Kane said. “This is kind of a stunning opportunity for the town.”

BASALT REAL ESTATE — A sweeping effort is under way to convert a mobile home park in the heart of Basalt into a campus for nonprofit organizations, open space along the Roaring Fork River and long-term, safe housing for the trailer residents.The town and the nonprofit Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. (RFCDC) have teamed to try to purchase the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park, home to 38 families and individuals. If the deal goes through, RFCDC would build replacement housing on-site and elsewhere in Basalt for all trailer owners, according to Michael McVoy, a member of the nonprofit’s board of directors. About 19 trailers would be cleared from 2.5 acres of the property closest to the river, and that land would be left as open space. The town would contribute roughly $1 million in open space funds and possible grants to acquire that land. That half of the property is in the floodway. Multiple studies commissioned by Basalt show the trailers would be imperiled by a major flood.
By Scott Condon, Dec. 17, 10 Aspen Times

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12/17/10 Aspen Times, Basalt’s Pan and Fork Mobile Park along the edge of the Roaring Fork River in the center of downtown Basalt