Basalt Council considers easing affordable housing requirement on commercial developers.

ASPEN BASALT REAL ESTATE — The Basalt Town Council is considering easing some of the tough growth-control regulations it put in place during the real estate boom of the last decade. The council majority expressed a willingness at a June 14 work session to reconsider requirements for commercial developers to provide affordable housing for employees generated by their projects.Currently, the town requires developers to provide housing for 25 percent of workers generated. For example, if an office and retail complex generates an estimated 12 jobs once constructed, the developer would have to provide housing for three employees. Councilman Glenn Rappaport proposed that the requirement be eliminated. He said the rules are outdated because of the recession and economic hangover. The town needs to find incentives for development, not disincentives, he said…The council will consider adjustments to the housing rule later in the summer after the planning staff takes the council comments and crafts a proposed change to the regulation.
By Scott Condon, June, 20 2011, AT
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