Town manager implores council to finish review by June 2013…The Pan and Fork is owned by Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. It is proposing to build about 112,000 square feet of retail, residential and office space as well as a hotel. Some of the office space is envisioned as a home for nonprofit organizations. The development corporation sold about half of the trailer-park property to the town government. The town plans to convert its share of the land to a park alongside the Roaring Fork River. The development corporation must provide replacement affordable housing for the 38 trailers that will be displaced.

BASALT REAL ESTATE — Basalt officials are preparing to embark on an intensive, one-year review of the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park, where the developer will receive special considerations that most other developers don’t get, according to Town Manager Bill Kane. Kane told Town Council members at a meeting last week that the Pan and Fork redevelopment is a different kind of beast because it’s owned by a nonprofit development company that is partners with the town on part of the project.
By Scott Condon, May, 18 2012 AT

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The redevelopment area is at the southwest corner of Midland Aveneue and Two Rivers Road