Basalt will use open space funds to buy 2.95 acres of mobile home park for $1,200,000.

BASALT REAL ESTATE — The Basalt Town Council has reached an agreement to buy approximately one-half of the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park for $1.2 million, contingent on a nonprofit organization’s acquisition of the trailer park in June. In its April 26 meeting, the Council authorized the purchase using open space and trails funds. The trailer park is under contract for purchase by the Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. (RFCDC) from RNR Ltd., a company headed by Basalt resident Renee Ritchie. The sale price hasn’t been disclosed. The transaction is scheduled to be completed June 30, according to Basalt Town Manager Bill Kane. Once completed, there will be a sequential closing between RFCDC and the town, he said. Basalt intends to convert 2.95 acres of the 5.25-acre trailer park into open space along the Roaring Fork River. RFCDC will keep the remainder of the property, 2.3 acres, for development of a nonprofit campus as well as a modest amount of commercial development.
By Scott Condon, April 30, 2011 AT

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Pan & Fork Mobile home shown at corner on Midland Ave. and Two Rivers Rd in the heart of downtown Basalt.

The mobile home park is sandwiched between the Roaring Fork River one one side and Two Rivers Rd on the other.