Plan remains to convert half of Pan and Fork into nonprofit campus, half into riverside park…CDC will buy the entire trailer park, then sell the half closest to the river to the town of Basalt. Roughly 19 trailers will be removed from that half and the land will be left as open space.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE , BASALT— The Roaring Fork Community Development Corp. (CDC) continues to on a plan to convert the trailer park into a campus where nonprofit groups can secure affordable office space, but purchase of the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park was postponed for six weeks recently. In the interim, the organization has taken over management of the property in the heart of Basalt and still has plans to complete the purchase now scheduled for August 12th.
By Scott Condon, July 19, 2011 AT

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This graphic shows one possibility for redevelopment of the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park property, in the eyes of the town of Basalt. It shows the redeveloped area at the lower center and how it fits in with surrounding property. The Roaring Fork Community Development Corp.’s actual plan may differ.