ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Both the Little Annie’s building and the Benton Building on East Hyman Avenue were considered by the city for historic preservation over the last few years, but officials could not justify landmarking either structure for various reasons.The buildings could be demolished under a plan submitted by the properties’ owners this month. The plan would see both buildings torn down and replaced with a new building encompassing the half block from Little Annie’s to the dirt parking lot on the corner of Hunter Street and Hyman Avenue. In 2007, the city passed a controversial emergency ordinance mandating that any building more than 30 years old be subject to a historic review before it could be demolished or altered. This policy was walked back to a program — known as Ordinance 48 — where city officials made a list of all the properties they thought had potential historic value, focusing preservation efforts there. That law was the precursor to the entirely voluntary “Aspen Modern” program passed earlier this year.Both the 1960s-era Annie’s and Benton buildings were considered for the initial Ordinance 48 list, but neither made the cut, city officials said.
By Curtis Wackerle, August 19, 2011, ADN

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Benton Building on left, Little Annie’s Building on right – both on 500 Block of E. Hyman