The Droste Property: An open space conservation deal that would connect two view planes together along Wapiti (Elk) Ridge, Owl Creek on the Aspen side and Brush Creek on Snowmass side, and creating a singular mountain park that open space and park experts contend will rival Hunter Creek and Smuggler Mountain in its beauty, popularity, protection of a key elk migration corridor and recreation use.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Pitkin County is seeking an unusual partner in its push to acquire the single priciest parcel in the nearly 20-year history of its Open Space and Trails program — the people who will actually use it.Local government officials unveiled the collaborative plan last month to acquire 742 acres from the Droste family — a scenic ridge separating the Brush Creek and Owl Creek valleys that has been described as the donut hole in a patchwork of already-conserved lands and a bridge that links Aspen and Snowmass Village like no other connection. The price is $18 million.To the general populace, the Droste property encompasses the verdant, largely undeveloped meadows along Brush Creek and the undulating hillside that serves as a backdrop to the valley floor along most of the drive up Brush Creek Road from Highway 82. Painted in the russet, ocher and green of autumn, dotted with clusters of golden aspens in the deeper draws, the oak-covered hillside is stunning, particularly from the Brush Creek side. But it’s the top of the two-mile ridge — a place most people have never been — that’s winning the hearts and minds of all who visit.
By Janet Urquhart, Sept. 26, 1010 Aspen Times Weekly

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09/26/10 AT The Droste Property centerpiece,,Wapiti (Elk) Ridge,
separating Owl Creek
(left) and Brush Creek (right)