A PUD for the Boomerang Lodge redevelopment was approved by City Council in 2006, when the new owners still had plans for a four-story, 54-unit lodge. Since then, the downturn in the economy has affected the developer’s ability to secure financing for a lodging facility and the city has created an affordable-housing tax credit program, causing the developer to change direction.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — Citing a legal technicality, opponents of plans to turn the former Boomerang Lodge site on West Hopkins Avenue into an employee-housing development have appealed to the Aspen City Council to overturn last month’s Planning and Zoning Commission resolution that recommends approval of the project. The appeal, to be considered at Monday’s regular council meeting, was filed by Aspen attorney Jody Edwards on behalf of Steven and Cheryl Goldenberg, Dan Verner and John Staton, all owners of properties near the Boomerang property. It basically asserts that P&Z failed to follow proper procedure by allowing a parking waiver under planned-unit development (PUD) provisions of city code instead of using “special review” criteria, the standard that allegedly had been discussed during previous hearings on the issue and in all associated documentation. A letter from Edwards to Community Development Director Chris Bendon states that it was “an abuse of discretion and in excess of the jurisdiction of the P&Z to approve the resolution in the absence of procedural compliance with the city code and upon standards that were not in compliance with the special review criteria.”
By Andre Salvail, Jan. 7, 2011, Aspen Times

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