“It would be nice to see Carbondale become a Moab on a lesser level,” said Jeff Jackel, the town’s parks and recreation director, in reference to eastern Utah’s biking Mecca. “I think we need to capture some of the recreation people who are bypassing Carbondale on their way between Glenwood and Aspen — they don’t know what we have here…I think biking is going to be a big thing for Carbondale in the future,”

ASPEN CARBONDALE REAL ESTATE — Aspen has skiing and Glenwood Springs has its whitewater park, but Carbondale may just emerge as the bicycling epicenter of the Roaring Fork Valley.The town sits at the crossroads of what could easily become tourist destinations in their own right — the Rio Grande Trail, which already links the valley between Aspen and Glenwood, and the Crystal Trail, which will eventually allow bikers to pedal the 16 or so scenic miles between Carbondale and Redstone without venturing onto dicey Highway 133. Someday, the town may also be the northern terminus of the Carbondale-Crested Butte Trail — a prospect that leaves bicycling enthusiasts drooling. For those with a single-track mind, the town is sandwiched between Red Hill and The Crown, two areas within riding distance of the downtown watering holes that fat-tire enthusiasts might make their post-ride destination.
By Janet Urquhart, June 6, 2010 Aspen Times Weekly

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