Aspen real estate broker agent Tim Estin has provided commentary and articles on the Aspen real estate market to the following media:

ABJ: Aspen Business Journal                          AM: Aspen Magazine
BB: Bloomberg News                                       ADN: Aspen Daily News
LRER: Luxury Real Estate Report                 CPR: CO Public Radio
AT: Aspen Times                                               DP: Denver Post
FM: Forbes Magazine                                      LRE:
RMN: Rocky Mountain News                         BW:Business Week
WSJ: Wall St Journal                                        KAJX: Aspen Public Radio
RD: Real Deal                                                     ASM: Aspen Sojourner Magazine
MBJ: Mountain Business Journal                  NW:
ML: Merrill Lynch Wealth Mgmt Report     FT: Financial Times
BBC: BBC Travel                                                CS: Curbed Ski
AP: Aspen Peak Magazine                               BG: Boston Globe
DBJ: Denver Business Journal

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  32. US Forest Service Vacant Lot Auction Results, ADN
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  51. Monthly Aspen Snowmass Real Estate Report: Lack of Big Ticket Sales, ABJ
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  63. Sales of Colorado Mountain Resort Homes in July Lowest in Years, DP
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  68. Aspen Public Radio Interview with Tim Estin, “Behind the WSJ ‘Aspen’ Article Numbers”
  69. Aspen: The Most Expensive Town in America, WSJ
  70. Aspen-Area Economy Begins to Turn the Corner, AT
  71. Aspen Housing Market on the Rise, Denver Post
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