Once a property is placed on the Aspen Modern map, the new regulations allow for a negotiation between the city and the property owner about the potential benefits of seeking historic designation, including transferable development rights, but the owner also can ask that his or her property be taken off the map for at least 10 years.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Capping an intense three-and-a-half year debate in Aspen over the preservation of post WWII buildings, the Aspen City Council Monday approved an ordinance creating a voluntary historic designation program for “Aspen Modern” buildings.The debate was sparked when an earlier council passed an emergency ordinance that banned the destruction of buildings constructed between the 1940s and the 1970s, when Aspen strove to become an internationally-known ski resort.The emergency ordinance resulted in a storm of protests from property owners concerned about the flexibility to alter, develop or sell their homes. And it led to the creation of a Historic Preservation Task Force whose citizen members wrestled over the issue for 19 months.As a result of Monday’s vote, the city’s land use code has been amended to require a map of “Aspen Modern” properties, just as there is a map of Aspen’s Victorian-era properties.
By Brent Gardner-Smith, Jan 11, 2011 Aspen Daily News

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