Council was divided on whether the city should allow third-story penthouses and residential units to be built in the core. “I think allowing third floor free-market residential is a huge mistake,” said Mayor Mick Ireland….Councilman Torre said the typical third-floor business model — when a developer pitches retail or restaurants on the first two floors and a penthouse or free-market unit on the third — hasn’t worked in Aspen.“The penthouses we’ve seen have not added the vitality we thought they would,” Torre said.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Aspen City council is moving forward with a public hearing on capping building heights at 28 feet and potentially limiting residential units in the downtown core after receiving public feedback in favor of the measures…In light of the data and previous discussions, council was in consensus that the city government should cap downtown height limits at 28 feet and only allow three-story buildings based on a list of criteria determined by the sitting City Council.Councilman Steve Skadron proposed that the city establish criteria to determine whether or not a third floor would add to the economic vitality of the town.
By Dorothy Atkins, June 19, 2012 ADN

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Rare Aspen Pentouse for Sale (June 2012). Brokers comments, “Rare, top floor penthouse exactly in the center of Aspen’s downtown core. Take the stairs, or take a street level elevator to the property entry. Two fire places, ultra-close view of Aspen Mountain and Independence Pass. Over 1,300 feet of deck space and views of almost 360 degrees. Private garage – plus – a private carport. The ultimate in style, comfort, amenities and excellent outdoor space.” (Photo and comments courtesy of Joshua & Co).

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