Seeking the subdivision and other approvals associated with creation of the homesite is The Pride LLC and Joan Alexander, Gramiger’s companion and caregiver before his death in 2005. The colorful Gramiger tried for years to build a restaurant, which he intended to call On the Rocks, at the peak of Shadow Mountain, the rocky outcropping that flanks Aspen Mountain’s west side and looms over town.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — A proposed house site on the lower slopes of Shadow Mountain, on property formerly owned by Hans Gramiger, was rejected Tuesday by the Pitkin County Planning and Zoning Commission. The commission voted 5-0 to recommend denial of an application to divide a collection of mining claims into three lots, creating a new, 1.6-acre site for a single-family home perched above Hopkins Avenue on a bench of land on lower Shadow Mountain. The proposal also would carve out about 18 acres of open space on Shadow Mountain that would be turned over to the county. A third tract of almost 10 acres, primarily composed of the Homestead Lode mining claim, was sold by Gramiger to Westchester Investments in 2000 and contains the former Gramiger house on West Hopkins Avenue. The Planning and Zoning Commission’s recommendation will go to the Pitkin County commissioners, who will make a final decision at a hearing that has not yet been scheduled.
By Janet Urquhart, May 3, 2012 AT

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Shadow Mountain overlooking the town of Aspen, CO