Under the ordinance, the athletic-club building, which sits at the corner of East Hyman Avenue and Original Street on a 9,000-square-foot lot, would be designated as a historic building. Robin Molny is “a significant local architect who was part of the local Frank Lloyd Wright constituent,” a memorandum from the Community Development Department states. Other Aspen structures he designed include the Mason and Morse Building and the Hearthstone House, both located on Hyman Avenue and both part of the city’s inventory of modern historic structures.

ASPEN DOWNTOWN REAL ESTATE – A proposal to allow the owners of the Aspen Athletic Club Building and Condominiums to begin project negotiations for three residential units and a rooftop deck is expected to be discussed at Tuesday’s regular City Council meeting…Should council members vote to introduce the ordinance — the customary route for the first reading of a proposal — they will then work through the project’s details and negotiate over issues such as parking, affordable housing, height and other design aspects in exchange for the previously mentioned development concessions under the city’s AspenModern program. Inclusion in the program allows the city the authority to review any proposed changes as a way of protecting the historic structure.
By Andre Salvail, May, 25 2012 AT

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