ASPEN REAL ESTATE – A controversial proposal to tax and regulate Aspen homeowners who privately rent their properties has caught the attention of some critics.Those who work in the real estate industry and individuals who privately rent their Aspen properties are taking issue with the city of Aspen’s plan to subject a segment of vacation rentals to sales and lodging taxes.The proposal will go before the city’s planning and zoning commission today at 4 p.m., and will involve a discussion on whether to require property owners to apply for a permit and business license before they can rent their homes and condos.And that doesn’t sit well with some who will be affected.Aspen resident and real estate agent Denise Reich, who owns three rental properties in town, said the move is anti-business and anti-local.“We do not need to live in a communistic community,” she said. “I think Russia is more free than Aspen.” Reich added that if the regulations are passed, she will not participate in the rental pool any longer.
By Carolyn Sackariason, August 2, 2011 ADN

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