The construction industry in Pitkin County, dominated by residential projects, dropped from 137 projects worth $130.3 million in 2008 to 93 projects worth $71.9 million in 2009, according to building permit data. Last year, 102 residential building permits worth $76.2 million in construction were recorded, and for the first half of this year, 38 permits were issued for $30.9 million worth of work. The projects include new construction, additions and remodeling jobs.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Home construction in unincorporated Pitkin County, which took a recession-fueled nose dive in 2009, has yet to show any sign of rebounding, resulting in additional staff cuts in the county’s Community Development Department.The department has trimmed the equivalent of roughly nine full-time positions — virtually all within the past two years — in response to the drop in demand for its planning, building and inspection services.This year, the plans examiner and planning engineer posts were vacated when the individuals who held those positions moved on to other opportunities. The jobs aren’t being refilled. In addition, a staff planner was recently laid off, according to Cindy Houben, Community Development director. All three were full-time positions.
By Janet Urquhart, July, 20 2011 AT

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Two residential constructions projects are under way in unincorporated Pitkin County, east of Aspen, but home construction in general has not rebounded from a recession-fueled plunge. AT Photo.