ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The building and construction industry in Aspen continued to take a hit in 2010, with total dollars spent on development continuing to fall, but the number of projects actually increased. However, the average job is smaller than it used to be.The City of Aspen processed a total of 1,401 building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical permits in 2010. Those permits represented a total value of work of $96.2 million. Last year’s activity averaged out to a median permit value of $9,000, or an average permit valuation of $113,743, according to data from the city’s building department.Those numbers are lower than 2009, which itself was “in the toilet,” Aspen chief building official Stephen Kanipe said. That year saw a total permit valuation of $101.3 million, a median valuation of $35,155 and an average valuation of $375,223. A total of 1,394 permits were processed.It’s all a far cry from 2007, when the total permit valuation hit $365 million, with a total of 2,111 permits, which means the city was reviewing an average of $1 million worth of construction a day.
By Curtis Wackerle, Jan. 22, 2011 Aspen Daily News

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