Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland said it’s crucial for him that the current owners “have some skin in the game” and that having restrictions on their ability to sell out would be key to earning his vote.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The Aspen Club and Spa timeshare expansion proposal continues to be unable to secure an approval, as two of four City Council members are pushing back on traffic, size and ownership issues.At Monday’s marathon hearing on the Aspen Club’s proposal to build 20 timeshare units, 12 affordable housing units and an underground parking garage, council members discussed the changes proposed by club manager Michael Fox, but did not take a vote. The land use approval process for the club, now in its fifth year, was continued until the May 24 council meeting.At the last hearing on the proposal, Aspen Mayor Mick Ireland said he wanted a condition of approval barring the current owners from selling out until the redevelopment work was done. The applicant — Aspen Club and Spa, LLC, represented by Fox — came back with a proposal that would require Fox to continue to be club manager throughout the redevelopment, but said nothing about the interests of the anonymous investors who make up the rest of the ownership structure
By Curtis Wackerle, May 11, 2010 Aspen Daily News

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