"Things are no better now” than they were 18 months ago when the university decided to sell the building, Krugman said. “In fact they are getting worse. To say suck it up and sell it for less does not work for me.”

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Should the deal between a potential developer of the Given Institute and the University of Colorado fall apart because of city opposition to the plan of building houses around the conference center, the dean of the School of Medicine, which runs the facility, said all options would be on the table, noting that the 2.25-acre lot is probably worth more to a developer if the facility is torn down. Dr. Richard Krugman, dean of CU’s medical school, said he is frustrated with the apparent impasse reached Tuesday night after a majority of members of the city’s Planning and Zoning and Historic Preservation Commissions (HPC), as well local residents, came out against a proposal to subdivide the lot overlooking Hallam Lake and build three 5,500-square-foot homes. Tuesday was an initial hearing and another one is scheduled for Jan. 19. The group will make a recommendation to City Council, which the university is hoping will make a final decision by the end of February.
By Curtis Wackerle, Jan. 6, 2011 Aspen Daily News

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