Pitkin County’s real estate market topped $2.52 billion in sales in 2007 after setting a record the year before at $2.64 billion. The start of the recession cooled sales to $1.37 billion in 2008. Dollar volume barely topped $1 billion in 2009, during the brunt of the recession. Sales settled at $1.26 billion and $1.27 billion, respectively, the past two years.

ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The Pitkin County real estate market is well on its way to having its best year since the crazed days before the Great Recession. The dollar volume of all real estate sales reached roughly $1.46 billion Friday, based on Aspen Times research of deeds filed with the Pitkin County Clerk and Recorder’s Office. That includes sales of all types of property, from deed-restricted affordable housing to Red Mountain mansions and commercial real estate. This year’s surge was fueled by a frenetic pace of sales in December. Sellers were eager to move property because of the prospects of changes in capital-gains taxes, real estate brokers said. Estate taxes also are changing drastically in 2013.
By Scott Condon, Dec. 30,2012 AT

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