In unveiling the purchase contract, Pitkin County noted the acquisition would secure a trail connection from the Rio Grande Trail, which runs adjacent to Hooks Spur Road in the area, up onto the Crown. An existing trail connection from the Rio Grande to the Crown adjacent to Rock Bottom Ranch crosses private property and could be closed off.

ASPEN BASALT REAL ESTATE — Pitkin County’s proposed participation in a midvalley open space purchase, of land that is in Eagle County but would offer recreational access to property within Pitkin County, has generated both support and opposition among members of the public. Pitkin and Eagle counties and the town of Basalt have secured a $5 million contract to purchase about 145 acres referred to as the Saltonstall property. It’s located upvalley from Rock Bottom Ranch, extending from Hooks Spur Road up onto the Crown.
By Janet Urquhart, March, 20 2012, AT

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The land shaded in yellow is the focus of an open space acquisition, the Saltonstall Property, near Basalt.
Courtesy Pitkin County Open Space and Trails and AT