ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The director of the Aspen Art Museum doesn’t appear willing to tone down the dimensions of a controversial structure that received conceptual approval from the City Council in August.Appearing at Wednesday’s Aspen Business Luncheon at the St. Regis Aspen Resort hotel, Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson fielded a tense volley of questions from audience members about whether she would retreat from the proposed design for the new museum. She held her ground, adding that the City Council approved the project under its vested authority, and her job is now to see it through.“It’s not my place to approve” building projects, she said.The City Council approval allows for a 47-foot-high, 30,000-square-foot facility on the corner of Hyman Avenue and Spring Street, which, Zuckerman Jacobson said, would bring a number of benefits to Aspen. Those benefits include a free public rooftop downtown, a boost to the economy, establishing Aspen as an international player in the modern arts arena, and opening the museum’s current location up to another nonprofit.Wednesday’s forum comes at a time when the Aspen community appears divided over the project.
By Aaron Hedge. Oct. 21, 2010 Aspen Times

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