ASPEN REAL ESTATE — The owner of four condominiums in downtown Aspen is seeking a court injunction to order a neighboring bar to turn down its music and stop its patrons from loitering. London resident Christopher Wright, in a complaint filed Thursday in Pitkin County District Court, alleges the Silverqueen Lounge has violated terms of the Pitkin Center Condominiums’ covenants regarding noise and offensive activity.The suit alleges that the quality of life for his tenants, as well as Wright and his family, has been disrupted by the Silverqueen operation since it opened in 2010. The condos and the Silverqueen are located at 520 E. Hyman Ave. The bar is upstairs, at the former space held by Syzygy restaurant (now located on Hopkins Avenue).
By Rick Carroll, January, 2 2012, AT

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