The owner of an historic Aspen Victorian wants to redo the home per Aspen Historical Preservation Committee (HPC) rules but plans to build a full sub-grade basketball court 40′ deep under the home. At present, there are no City of Aspen rules and regs for sub-grade building depth. One could go as deep as one wanted, but it was thought the expense would be prohibitive. As was the case in 1990 when Prince Bandar went to Pitkin County with his pre-emptive plans to build a 55,000 sq ft home in Starwood no one would have believed it possible – it was simply beyond the realm of imagination that anyone would consider a home that large until it actually happened. When the County learned of Bandar’s plans, they immediatley jumped into gear and imposed size restrictions for new homes, but Bandar, grandfathered in with the old zoning code, got his Rocky Mountain palace.

Link to article by Curtis Wackerle Oct 9, 2014, ADN

Artist rendering of proposed redevelopment of historic Aspen downtown home at 201 E Hyman Ave. Aspen, CO. The historic home is in foreground with the proposed modern addition in the middle and an NBA regulation sized basement basketball court planned sub-grade that would require a 40′ deep excatvation..