ASPEN REAL ESTATE – The building housing Aspen’s venerable Little Annie’s Eating House would be torn down under a redevelopment plan for half of a city block submitted to the city of Aspen.The plan, from Aspen Core Ventures and managing partner Nikos Hecht, would see new development on the large dirt parking lot at the corner of Hunter Street and Hyman Avenue, the “Benton Building” and Little Annie’s. Aspen Core Ventures purchased the three parcels last year for $17.5 million, shortly before they were to be sold in foreclosure. The group of properties were listed at one point for $39 million.Proposed in the application dated Aug. 5 is a 31,739-square-foot building on a 15,000-square-foot lot encompassing all three properties. The building would have two three-story nodes connected by a one-story element. There would be 13,352 square feet of retail and office space, 4,443 square feet of affordable housing and 6,462 square feet of free market condos. The building would also have an underground parking garage with 13 spaces.While the building housing Little Annie’s would be demolished, the business, or something like it, may be reincarnated in the new development, said local attorney Andy Hecht, speaking on behalf of the development partnership.
By Curtis Wackerle, August 18, 2011 ADN

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Ptikin County Real Estate Transfers, Nov. 1-30, 2010

  • Seller: Aspen Legacy Holdings LLC
  • Buyer: Aspen Core Ventures LLC, Aspen
  • Property: Benton Building unit 1
  • Price: $17,750,000

See 06/25/10 article, "Another Downtown Aspen Building files for Bankruptcy," AT