Pitkin County Open Space Director, Dale Will, said a primary reason for the shortfall is that early pledges from large donors, in the tens of thousands of dollars, have not been paid, "Frankly," he said, " there were a few of the bigger guns that made pledges that we haven’t collected,”

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – Pitkin County is on the hook for upwards of $1 million more than expected to cover the purchase of the Droste open space property situated between Aspen and Snowmass.A private fundraising campaign aimed at raising $1.5 million to supplement taxpayer dollars has fallen well short of that goal with only $346,555 raised. Most of that comes from the non-profit Aspen Valley Land Trust (AVLT).The county purchased the 841-acre property from the Droste family in December for $17 million, and is currently working on a management plan for trails and wildlife preservation there. One trail is currently open, across a ridge at the scenic property. The property had been approved for a nine-home luxury subdivision in 2009.
By Andrew Travers, July 5, 2011 ADN

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