Basalt/El Jebel property values soared higher than Eagle County overall. The drastic increase in property valuations had spurred only 559 appeals in Eagle County by mid-May, but Assessor Mark Chapin is prepared for an onslaught before the month is over. History shows he has cause for concern. In 2007, the last time re-evaluations were mandated by the state government, there were about 5,500 protests in Eagle County. Property values spiked by a greater amount this time around, in general…The revaluation hit the Roaring Fork Valley portion of Eagle County harder than the Eagle Valley. The median increase for single-family homes values in Eagle County was 13 percent. It was 38 percent for the Basalt and El Jebel area, according to Chapin.
By Scott Condon, Aspen Times, May 18, 2009

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