Aspen is a great town. Its uniqueness extends beyond its spectacular geography to its amenities, people and community spirit. It’s a world-class, year-round Rocky Mountain resort offering great food, music, skiing, shopping — great everything — right in the middle of a real, functioning, small American community.It’s no surprise people like it, want to keep it going. And not just the good, smart people who live in Aspen full-time and those who own second homes there (including some of the wealthiest people on Earth), but the thousands of good, smart people who visit every year to address big issues at the Aspen Institute and numerous other forums. These include elites of American arts, sciences, politics and economics with amazing amounts of brainpower and money at their disposal.But geographic realities plus inexorable economic, demographic, and social trends are conspiring against the best of intentions. The future of Aspen — playground to the smart, rich and famous — may soon become untenable.

By Roger Selbert, Jan. 29, 2009, Guest Opinion, The Aspen Times, Aspen, CO Colorado,

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