Comparing it to the Elk Mountain Lodge, Richards said, “It’s like a golden apple for someone to put in their fruit basket … It’s a little dicey and I want to sleep well knowing that if I approve this, it’s not going to become something entirely different over time.”

ASPEN REAL ESTATE – If the Pitkin County commissioners approve a proposed seven-cabin overnight lodging expansion of the Ashcroft Ski Touring operation, they want to assure the property won’t become a private enclave for a wealthy family that could buy out the business. Concerns from the commissioners, raised in a meeting on the proposal Wednesday, largely stemmed from the 2007 conversion of the 17,000-square-foot Elk Mountain Lodge from a luxury party hall to a vacation home for billionaire Bill Koch.“The threat is the privatization of the Ashcroft area,” Commissioner Rachel Richards said.
By Andrew Travers, November 17, 11 ADN

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Photo credit: : Elk Mountain Lodge: Until the late 1980’s, Elk Mountain Lodge was a mountain resort at 9400 ft. elevation ten miles south of Aspen near the ghost town of Ashcroft. In more recent times, the modest resort was replaced by a very large, 28,000 square foot log lodge, part of which is seen in this photo. The building was never divided into rooms inside, so it became a place for wedding receptions and other special events. Three years ago, the property was purchased by energy magnate Bill Koch for $26 million and it has been refurbished into his private home. Ashcroft Ski Touring is approx.1 mile further up the dead end road"